Are The Philadelphia Flyers Ready For Next Season?

By Deanna Vasso
Are the Flyers ready for next season?
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The Philadelphia Flyers have made some key moves in the offseason this far. Their draft picks were questionable, but they have made some solid moves to help sort out their issues for next season.

The first thing they did was acquire defenseman Mark Streit from the New York Islanders. Streit’s veteran status will be great to help out the young blueliners that the Flyers still need to develop. The problem is that he’s a bit of a slow skater. There is also the fact that the team had to shell out a lot of money to get Streit.

The Flyers were clearly trying to balance out the team when they also signed former Tampa Bay Lightning center Vincent Lecavalier. It’s not that Lecavalier is a bad player, he’s a great player and is expected to do well with the Flyers. Especially since it’s rumored that he may move up to the first line to pair with captain Claude Giroux.

One of the issues we see with Lecavlier is that, like Streit, he’s up there in age. This could be a really big factor when it comes to the season starting.

The biggest, and probably most influential move they made was signing Ray Emery to a one-year deal. It was smart business move and it really helps the team fill out a much needed roster position.

With these roster moves, are the Flyers really prepared for next season? It looks like they are, especially on the goaltending front. However, there was a game when Emery was with the Flyers last when he went behind his cage to play the puck and the opposing team was able to score on him. Emery has improved a lot since then, but stay weary Flyers fans.

As for Lecavalier and Streit, it’s going to take a few games to see where they are and if they will be helpful to the Flyers. All we can really go on right now is speculation. However, we do have reason to be optimistic, because in terms of how the Flyers looked last season, especially when the lockout was still impending, we have a lot to hope for.

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