Boston Bruins Secures Important Priority With Tuukka Rask Deal

By Tim Nikolouzos
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced that the Bruins have signed goalie Tuukka Rask to a long-term deal worth an annual $7 million dollars over eight years through the 2020-21 season. This come a few days after rumors circulated that the Bruins were close to a deal with Rask.

Rask has been the top priority for the Bruins this offseason following the Stanley Cup Finals. His stellar performances during the regular season and the playoffs cemented a long-term deal for him and proved that he was an adequate starter in goal for Boston. His save percentage of .929 was among the best in the league during the regular season.

In addition, he was the NHL leader in the same category during the postseason. Although the Bruins were unable to lift the Cup, Rask played an instrumental part in the team’s postseason.

This deal is a major re-signing and now secures the Bruins’ goal for years to come. Rask has proven himself a capable defender of the net and well deserves the money he is getting. The annual $7 million dollar contract now puts him in the elite category of goalies in the league, and makes him a staple in Boston’s group of core players that Chiarelli hope to tie down for years to come.

The next likely offseason objective that the team will look towards will be the re-signing of Patrice Bergeron, who is rumored to have a similar long-term deal in the making.

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