Ottawa Senators Get Great Value On New Erik Condra Contract

By Randy Holt
Erik Condra
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

The Ottawa Senators knocked out one of their final priorities for the summer at the end of this week, retaining restricted free agent Erik Condra on a new two-year deal. If what we’ve seen so far from him is any indication, this is a deal that could have terrific value for the Sens.

The Senators aren’t in any sort of salary cap trouble, but being able to lock up a key role player up front on such a team friendly deal has to be looked at as a victory for any team. The deal for Condra is for two years and carries a cap hit of only $1.25 million over that span.

Condra isn’t a star on this team by any means, but he is a key role player. The shortened season saw his production take a bit of a hit, with only 12 points on the year, including just four goals. He’s not the type of player who necessarily needs to score to make an impact, though.

He’s an excellent playmaker up front for the Senators, and is quick. He’s a tough matchup for that reason alone, but he’s also not afraid to get down in the corners or play down in front of the net. He’s definitely a 30-35 point type player, with many of those markers coming via helpers.

Condra is also a key penalty killer for this team. He averaged up over two minutes a game for the Senators shorthanded, which was actually the most among forwards last year.

If he can put a few more pucks in the net, this deal becomes a bargain for the Senators. A two-year deal allows him to prove himself over a couple of full seasons and set himself up for a nice deal next time around. He’s not the biggest name in the mix for the Sens, but he is a key, and his new contract is terrific value.

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