Vancouver Canucks Should Find A Way To Part Ways With Roberto Luongo

By Randy Holt
Roberto Luongo
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not an offseason until there is some sort of controversy surrounding the goaltending situation of the Vancouver Canucks, and they’ve been right in the middle of it all again this summer. But while they’ve already dealt one of their goaltenders, the situation is far from over.

The Canucks dealt Cory Schneider for a first round pick, which they used to select Bo Horvat. It was a questionable move, not only because they traded the goaltender who is younger, has more upside, and a friendlier contract, but they also could have seen a better return if they had moved him elsewhere.

But just because the Canucks have dealt one of their pair of goaltenders, doesn’t mean the situation is over. It was widely assumed that Roberto Luongo would be the guy dealt before Schneider was surprisingly dealt on draft day. That obviously did not happen, and we’ve heard very little from Luongo since.

Luongo has already stated his desire to get out of Vancouver. He’s said goodbye to the fans and to his teammates. He’s put his condo up for sale on the market. There are no indications that he wants to stay anywhere near this organization. And it’s time for Mike Gillis to acknowledge that.

Gillis has already done some serious damage to the roster this summer. He’s made a mess of a team that could take a big step back in 2013-14. And he’s created an even bigger distraction than the one that was already in place when both Luongo and Schneider were on the roster.

It’s time for this relationship to come to an end. There are teams out there that would take Luongo. Move him back to the Florida Panthers, who have had interest in him in the past year. To replace him as starter, a package that includes Jacob Markstrom could help it get done. This would be the best situation for all involved on the Vancouver side.

The relationship is beyond repair. That’s probably why we haven’t heard a word from Roberto Luongo. It’s time for Gillis to be smart. Trade Luongo, clean your hands of the situation, and move on.

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