Boston Bruins Rumors: Jaromir Jagr Decision Close

By Tim Nikolouzos
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

After parting ways with the Boston Bruins, it appears that veteran winger Jaromir Jagr is close to making a decision regarding where he will be playing out the rest of his career. Jagr still has plenty left and teams know it as they have tried to bring him in. Reports have circulated that Jagr is now ready to make a decision and will likely pick an NHL team within the coming week. There remains an outside chance that Jagr could head back from to the Czech Republic, where there have been rumors of his return. Perhaps there is no substance to this rumor about his return home, but stranger things have happened.

The choice that is unlikely at this point is bringing back Jagr to the Boston Bruins. Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has cooled down speculation of new arrivals when he said that the team is laying low for now after the busy start to the offseason. It appears that the Bruins are considering other options, especially moving up Jordan Caron to fill in Jagr’s old spot.

The most likely option was recently made for him when Ilya Kovalchuk decided to leave the New Jersey Devils and retire from the NHL. His decision now has ripple effects into the free agency market. Bringing Jagr in now seems to be a real possibility for Devils GM Lou Lamoriello. Jagr would be a quick, easy fix for the problem, at least for the present. He fits into their style of play well so there is no question that he would logically be considered.

The Carolina Hurricanes are another team that has been heavily linked with Jagr though he has been reportedly considering this option for a while. It seems like the wait has caused some reservations on the part of Jagr as he holds out for something more. The Devils may be that something. A decision by Friday is looking likely so stay tuned for more.

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