Montreal Canadiens: Would Jaromir Jagr Be A Fit?

By Randy Holt
Jaromir Jagr
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are still quite a few names out on the free agent market which present intrigue to teams looking to add a final piece or two. That crop of free agent includes a few veteran forwards who are heading towards the end of their career, a list which includes forward Jaromir Jagr.

Jagr is going to play in 2013-14, it’s just a matter of where. We’ve heard of a few potential landing spots for the forward, but nothing has really materialized to this point. One landing spot for Jagr could be the Montreal Canadiens, where Jagr has expressed interest in playing.

Apparently, Jagr was interested in signing on with the Habs last winter, before he eventually signed with the Dallas Stars. Of course, he was traded prior to the deadline in an effort to try and grab another Stanley Cup title, but that didn’t come to fruition. He could see the Habs as a final shot. Not to mention the fact that he’s interested in joining a Canadian market.

While that may or may not be true, there’s no doubt that Jagr could be a fit with the Canadiens. They’re a team that is pretty deep at forward, but at the same time, could use a bit of scoring help out on the wing. Jagr was disappointing in the playoffs, but showed during the regular season last year that he still has plenty of game.

He posted a solid 26 points in 34 games with Dallas before adding another nine in 11 games with the Boston Bruins down the stretch. The Habs could use that scoring ability out on the wing, and the veteran presence that Jagr brings to the mix wouldn’t hurt either. It’s just a matter of money.

The Habs don’t have a ton of money to play around with, and knowing Jagr, he probably won’t come cheap, even at his age. If he’ll take a small deal on an obvious one-year contract, then it makes sense. Otherwise, it’s tough to see how he’d fit in, from a financial standpoint.

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