Philadelphia Flyers Will Benefit By Standing Pat

By Deanna Vasso
Philadelphia Flyers should stand pat
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For hockey fans this time of year is a dead zone for our favorite sport. Usually around the beginning of July breaking hockey news starts to pick up interest due to the free agency frenzy, but the excitement has since died down.

The reason why it may not seem as exciting as last season is probably due to the lockout. Last summer we constantly were writing, blogging and talking about when the lockout was going to come to an end, but this year we don’t have that discussion to consider. Which is definitely a good thing.

Now Philadelphia Flyers fans just have to worry if their favorite player will be let go soon.

The Flyers appear pretty confident in their team going into next season after they acquired defenseman Mark Streit, goaltender Ray Emery and center Vincent Lecavalier. It looks like they are heading in the direction of focusing on next season, especially after the completion of the Flyers Development Camp this past week. Before we know it, the Flyers will be back on the ice at the Skate Zone and starting training camp.

I’ve questioned before if the Flyers are truly better off and prepared for next season, however, the real question is will they make any more offseason moves?

No, because they don’t have the salary cap room for it.

If the Flyers make any other offseason moves it’s going to be signing Simon Gagne, and even then they don’t really have the cap room for it. The other point is that there are not many free agents left that would be worth giving up Matt Read or Sean Couturier for. If the team does sign another free agent they’ll have to move these particular players due to the cap, and the Flyers  don’t want to do that.

For now it looks like the Flyers will stand pat which is exactly what they should do. Oh, but who am I kidding? This is the Flyers; they are bound to do something drastic.

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