Will the Boston Bruins Extend David Krejci Next Summer?

By Bobby Doherty
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins organization hasn’t been known to not throw money at their own players in the past. Remember, they famously took legend Ray Bourque to arbitration. Yeah, that Ray Bourque.

Fast forward two decades and the Bruins are giving out eight-year deals left and right. Tuukka Rask and Patrice Bergeron just signed eight year commitments, and Rask is now the highest paid goalie in the league.The Bergeron deal came with one year left on his current contract. Getting it done early for a player you need is a smart move, but now where do they draw the line?

First or second line center David Krejci is under contract for this season coming up and the season after that, but then he reaches unrestricted free agency. Is he next in line to sign a huge long term extension? This is a guy who was in the middle of serious trade talks or at least rumors a few years ago. Now it looks like he is a guy that won’t wear another sweater for a while.

Krejci is 27 and will turn 28 during the upcoming season so a long-term deal could have him in Boston for his entire career. Maybe not an eight-year extension, but five years is a good term for this type of player. He still has two years left so talks will happen next summer, and it’s not likely the Bruins let him hit the open market.

The high end skill level is there, and it shows when it counts. Not only the play making but the goal scoring skill that he possesses really shows during playoff time. This guy has consistently taken his game to the next level and maybe even the one after that during the playoffs. Combining the two seasons the Bruins made the finals, Krejci had 49 points in 47 games. I don’t know about you, but that is a guy I want playing for my team when the second season starts.

It is well documented that Krejci seems to disappear or take games off during the regular 82 game season, but that is something that people just have to deal with. He is a lock for roughly 65 points during the season, and that is disappointing because when you watch him play in the playoffs you think you are seeing a 90 point player.

This season could be a deal maker or breaker for Krejci. A consistent regular season with another good playoff is what he needs to get another extension.

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