Paul Holmgren Out As Philadelphia Flyers GM?

By Deanna Vasso


Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Flyers fans really do not like the team’s general manager Paul Holmgren, at all. They have voiced it all season long on social media, and if you follow a lot of Flyers fans you probably have seen a few tweeting “Fire Holmgren” or “Hextall for GM.” Well it seems like team owner Ed Snider finally got the message.

Well, sort of.

In a surprising announcement this week, the Flyers organization has welcomed the return of former goaltender Ron Hextall. Hextall will be the assistant general manager and director of hockey operations for the Flyers. This is the exact same role that the former goalie held with the Los Angeles Kings. So what reason would Hextall want to move across the country to play the same role in the Flyers organization?

For one, he does have more family back East, so that can make things easier. Another reason is that former Flyers always want the chance to “come home” and work for the Flyers. But Hextall may have another agenda. The biggest speculation upon his return to the Flyers is that Hextall is after Holmgren’s job.

Why else would Hextall make the even exchange switch to Philly?

Holmgren has not made the most sound moves for the organization in the past few years, but a lot of this could be equated to the belief that Snider forces his hand in making big trade decisions. With Hextall moving in to become Holmgren’s right hand man, does it mean that Holmgren is on his way out?

Flyers fans certainly hope so. After the debacle that was signing Ilya Bryzgalov and then amnestying his contract a few short seasons later, it’s clear that Holmgren has made some pretty questionable decisions. It’s likely he won’t get fired, but there’s a possibly that he could be stepping down soon, which would explain Hextall’s ‘gut’ feeling to return to Philly.

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