New York Rangers Rumors: Team Will Not Be Moving... Calm Down

By Steven Carollo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to New York Islanders‘ fans to make something out of nothing. Although they would all like the New York Rangers to move away from New York, that is just not going to happen. The Rangers mean too much to New York and the NHL and the Islanders just do not, which makes their fans have an inferiority complex.

What I am referring to, of course, if you have not heard the news, is that Penn Station wants Madison Square Garden to move to a different location in 10 years because the New York City Council wants Penn Station to expand and build above ground.

If any of you do not know, Penn Station can only be seen underground, as it lies directly below Madison Square Garden, which makes going to the games extremely easy.

So because of all of this news, I’ve seen alot of Rangers fans becoming worried and many non-Rangers fans jeering at the possibility of them and their arena roommates, the New York Knicks, moving in 10 years and the Garden being torn down.

Just please, sit back, breathe and relax. The Rangers are not going to leave New York City. Heck, they might not even move from the spot they are in now at all. Rangers, Knicks and Madison Square Garden owner, James Dolan, has spent almost $1 billion on renovations for MSG these past three years and for the New York City Council to bring this up now is just plain wrong.

Even though I dislike Dolan as an owner, he is filthy rich and powerful in New York City and once 10 years are up, I think deals will be made and he and the New York City Council will find a middle ground.

This current Madison Square Garden that Dolan owns is the fourth Madison Square Garden, so moving this arena has occurred a few times. However, every single location of the Garden has been in New York City, so if there is a Madison Square Garden Five sometime in the next decade or so, it will also, without a doubt in my mind, be in New York City.

So, again, please just calm down.

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