How Will Henrik Lundqvist Adjust to New Goalie Pads?

By Steven Carollo
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason the NHL looked into reducing the size of goalie pads, specifically the height, and are going through with it for this upcoming season.

All of us Rangers fans, and lots of NHL fans around the league, know that New York Rangers‘ star goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, wears a very sizable size of goalie pads to say the least. Because of his pads, some fans criticize him and think his pads are a big reason why he is so good at covering the lower portions of the net.

Since Lundqvist is no exception to the rule, he went out and good some new reduced size goalie pads that fit NHL regulations and tweeted them on Twitter earlier today.

So the overlying question is, how will Lundqvist new shorter pads effect his game in 2013-14?

With the Rangers new head coach, Alain Vigneault, wanting a high, up tempo offensive style of play for his team, the end result will be less blocked shots. This will mean Lundqvist might actually have to face even more shots if the Rangers are not on their game that night. Will his shorter pads cause him to have an off year with a high goals against average and more goals allowed than ever before in his career?

It might take Lundqvist some adjusting but I do not think that will be the case.  Once he practices and plays some games with his new pads, I think Lundqvist will actually be faster moving from side to side and can be even better covering the lower portions of the net.

Perhaps Lundqvist will actually be better off with the new pads?

I wouldn’t go that far but I just think he will adjust to his new shorter pads and be just as great as he always is.  If he actually does become better because of his new pads, a better Henrik Lundqvist is a scary thought for opposing teams.

Now the Rangers just have to sign him long term…

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