Anthony Camara: The Boston Bruins' Next Shawn Thornton

By Tim Nikolouzos
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins‘ prospect system is rich with talent, and Anthony Camara is one of those talented players who intrigues. He is not notable for his hockey sense or natural goal scoring ability but rather qualities that do not translate onto a stat sheet. Similar to Shawn Thornton, he has the ability to score when needed and can make some exciting plays if the opportunity arises. What the two have in common are their attributes that the Bruins prize as part of a staple of their game: effort and toughness.

Camara’s physical play is the first thing that will jump out to the prospective fan taking a look at him for the first time. He checks harder than anybody else and is not afraid to throw his body around. This can be the biggest negative side of his game as well. He can come across as an unintelligent player, a simple enforcer that can not control himself. He has received multiple suspensions including one during the World Juniors for a headshot. But for all of this he can still score goals and has enough offensive upside and potential to keep him around to develop with the AHL Providence Bruins.

With some seasoning in the AHL, the 19-year old can hopefully fine tune his game. Why bother talking about an AHL player? As GM Peter Chiarelli said about him, if he can walk the line physical and dangerous he could have a promising career. There is no reason to doubt him yet. He is still a teenager that can change his approach to the game. After a polishing in the AHL, all indications show that he has the potential to take Thornton’s spot, an important role in the squad. Thornton is not getting any younger at 36-years old, and it is a wise choice for the Bruins to start looking to a future prospect to take over that underrated place on the fourth line. Even with his drawbacks, Camara has the potential to fill a special and needed role for the Bruins in the upcoming years and develop into a solid player for the Bruins.

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