St. Louis Blues: Is It Time To Be Concerned About Alex Pietrangelo?

By Randy Holt
Alex Pietrangelo
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues have taken care of basically every need they’ve had this offseason. They’ve even managed to find room to sign Jay Bouwmeester to a contract extension. And they’ve managed to do so while retaining more cap space than a good amount of the teams throughout the league.

However, there’s still one gigantic cloud hanging over this club, and that would be the lack of a contract for top defenseman Alex Pietrangelo. There doesn’t appear to be the threat of an offer sheet, or the possibility of a trade, at this point, but should the Blues be concerned about the talks?

The preseason will get underway in about a month, which means that there’s less than a month until training camps get underway. Talks for a new deal have gone virtually nowhere, but we don’t know what Pietrangelo is looking for, in terms of money or dollars at this point, either.

A new deal for Pietrangelo isn’t likely to be any type of bridge deal, which would mean a shorter term and a smaller salary, which would put him in line to earn a massive deal in a couple of years. What both sides likely want, and we know Pietrangelo wants to remain in St. Louis, is a long term deal now.

Pietrangelo is the no. 1 defenseman for this team, there’s no question about that. The other thing there’s no question about is the fact that Pietrangelo wants to return to the Blues and be a part of this team’s core for the next several years. Which has to bode well for a deal getting done before training camp rolls around.

He’s very likely going to see his salary double, as the Blues could use a good chunk of their $7 million+ in cap space to lock him up. It could just be a matter of years. Either way, both sides want a deal done, and unless things completely fall apart and a trade becomes the only option, it’s impossible to see Pietrangelo in anything other than a Blues sweater next season.

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