New York Rangers and ESPN Engage In Twitter War

By Steven Carollo
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the San Jose Sharks and ESPN got into that “war” on Twitter?

Just to refresh your memory if you don’t, the official ESPN Twitter account tweeted the Sharks official Twitter account asking if they were going to change their name to the San Jose Sharknados, after the wonderfully terrible Syfy movie.  To say the least, the Sharks did not think that was funny and their official twitter account responded to ESPN by saying something along the lines of will you start showing hockey highlights?

Very comical I would say, especially if you are a hockey fan, like myself, and are tired of ESPN’s blatant favoritism towards certain sports and players.

Well on Aug. 15 there was another “Twitter war” between ESPN and hockey, only this time it was between ESPN’s Sportscenter twitter account and another NHL team’s official Twitter account, the New York Rangers.

It all started when, once again, someone in control of ESPN’s social media tweeted from their Sportscenter account that right now New York Yankees‘ outfielder Alfonso Soriano is the King of New York and then sent an apology to rapper Kendrick Lamar, who called himself that earlier in the week.

Some ego on that guy.

But anyway, the official Twitter account of the Rangers took exception to this and tweeted back at them “@Sportscenter #JokesFromTwoDaysAgo.”

The reason why the Rangers took exception, if you aren’t a Rangers’ fan, is because goaltender Henrik Lundqvist‘s nickname is The King and since he plays in New York, right now, he is technically the King of New York.

I am not going to take sides on this because I find these Twitter wars between channels and teams’ official Twitter accounts, which has happened numerous times believe it or not, just plain dumb and childish.

We all know ESPN does not like hockey. If they did they wouldn’t have let them go to another network after the lockout of 2005.

We just have to let it go and just realize that “the worldwide leader in sports” are just a facade and nothing more.  It truly is sad they are missing out on the greatest sport on the planet, known as hockey.

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