San Jose Sharks: Pursuing Extension For Dan Boyle The Right Move

By Randy Holt
Dan Boyle
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that every year we talk about the San Jose Sharks potentially blowing up their aging core of players in order to build up their system and improve for the future. After several consecutive years of playoff failure, those questions are somewhat valid. One player constantly mentioned in those talks as a potential trade piece is defenseman Dan Boyle.

Boyle was mentioned as a trade candidate when the Sharks were floundering midway through the year last season, before they picked up the pace and eventually made it into the playoffs as a top five seed in the Western Conference. Just a couple months after those rumors, he appears to be an extension candidate in San Jose.

Heading into the final year of his contract, the Sharks are reportedly looking to extend the contract of Dan Boyle, potentially to keep him in San Jose for the remainder of his career. The 37-year-old defenseman is still the top guy on the Sharks’ blue line, and certainly looks to have plenty of game left.

Boyle does a lot of things that make him a guy you want to keep around, regardless of his age. He obviously brings the leadership factor to the table and is excellent in the locker room. We know that. But he’s also one of the better offensive defenseman in the league, as he had posted 48 or more points in four straight seasons prior to the lockout.

He’s the type of guy that can play in any situation, and is still capable of logging heavy minutes. With no one looking ready to step into that no. 1 type of role, keeping Boyle around only makes sense. Pursuing an extension for Dan Boyle is absolutely something the Sharks should be looking into, and now looks like the perfect time to do it.

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