Boston Bruins Make Smart Move With GM Peter Chiarelli Contract Extension

By Tim Nikolouzos
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins have made a slew of good moves this summer, most of them a result of the man they gave a contract extension to today, GM Peter Chiarelli. His new contract will keep him in Boston for another four years through the 2017-18 season, but it has not been disclosed how much it is worth. But that does not matter to the Bruins fans and faithful who are glad that Chiarelli will be sticking around, and for good reason.

In 2011, Chiarelli became a member of an elite club in Boston. It consists of only three GMs who have managed to bring a Stanley Cup to Boston out of the six that the organization has. Although they were on the verge of another one last season, it is not hard to imagine this current team and staff going on to win another in the near future. With Chiarelli in charge, the Bruins have turned themselves into solid contenders every year with six-straight playoff appearances that have amassed 50 wins over that period. In addition, there has been a .590 win percentage during the regular season games.

These stats do not come easily or without difficult choices along the way. Chiarelli is one of the biggest contributing factors to the current shape of the team. He recognized important young players with the team, such as David Krejci and Milan Lucic while making the difficult, yet correct decision in trading away Tyler Seguin. This offseason alone was a hard enough challenge trying to secure as many players as possible for a competitive team while working under a severely restricting salary cap.

Although Chiarelli still had one season remaining on his contract, it was best to get something like this done quickly and painlessly. However, in my opinion, I would have liked to see the contract be even longer. It is unclear who decided the length, but it seems just shy of what most fans would like from a guy that is so important to the Boston Bruins. Until then, Bruins fans can rest easy knowing the team is in good hands.

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