Will New York Rangers' Dan Girardi Remove Visor?

By Steven Carollo
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

After New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal suffered a brutal eye injury last season from a deflected shot, players around the league and of course on the Rangers who do not wear visors have been rethinking this questionable choice for this upcoming season.

One of these players is defenseman Dan Girardi. He is making not only a smart decision by choosing to wear a visor, but a life-changing decision as well both for his career and for his family as well.

Now Girardi has been practicing, even though training camp has yet to commence, he was reportedly saying that it is tough getting used to the visor. He mentioned how he does not think visors should be mandatory and that it should only be the individual player’s decision.

Whether visors should be mandatory or not is a fight for another day. However, what Girardi said about his visor, and visors in general, makes me worry. If he does not feel any better with his visor, will he choose to remove it and risk permanent injury like Staal did?

Girardi also blocks a considerable amount of shots, which will only increase his chances of serious injury. Be smart and keep the visor, Girardi.

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