Philadelphia Flyers Sign Hal Gill To Pro Try Out

By Deanna Vasso
Flyers sign Gill to PTO
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers announced on Saturday afternoon that they have signed Hal Gill to a Pro Tryout (PTO), and have invited the veteran defenseman to their upcoming training camp.

If Gill’s name sounds familar to you, that’s because he played his last stint with the Nashville Predators last season. During that season, he played in 32 games of the 48-game season, however, he did not log any points and only saw an average ice time of 13-minutes.

So, why did the Flyers sign him to this PTO? Because they are the Flyers, and they make really good roster decisions. Note the sarcasm.

To be honest, the Flyers are being fair in this situation, because they are basically just letting Gill try out, but aren’t signing him into the system. Getting the chance to attend training camp does not ensure he gets a roster spot, as most of the Flyers hopefuls will also be there competing for a spot.

Although Gill might not mean much for the Flyers, they need to seriously consider their involvement with having interest in so many defenseman. It’s true that this is the weakest part of their game, but signing as many blueliners as they can will not solve their problem. They need to have good Chris Pronger-like players to bring back that gritty toughness that used to be a part of their blueline. Right now, the Flyers have more defenseman than roster spots, so it doesn’t really make sense to bring another old defenseman into the fold.

Regardless, Gill will be trying to earn that roster spot when training camp begins next week.

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