Dan Cleary A No-Show At Philadelphia Flyers Training Camp

By Deanna Vasso
Dan Cleary a no show at Flyers camp.
Michael Sackett-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a whirlwind of a few days since news of Detroit Red Wings‘ Dan Cleary‘s pending three-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers first broke. Finally after the four days, we finally have an answer of where Cleary is headed and for how much, but it’s not to Philadelphia.

On the first day of the Flyers training camp, the camp invitee was scheduled to skate in the 8:30 am group, but the left-winger failed to show up as predicted. Instead, Cleary decided to re-sign with the Red Wings for another year for $1.75 Million, a deal significantly less than the reported one he was signing with the Flyers.

Although the news of Cleary headed back to Detroit makes the team’s GM Paul Holmgren look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, the news was meet with a sigh of relief from the majority of Flyers fans. When the news first broke, it was systematically hated across the board by fans. The team doesn’t need any more old players or a player that would take up cap space and that’s what Cleary would do for the organization. So not coming to the Flyers is the best for both parties.

Since Cleary is now out, the next question is naturally, are the Flyers going to re-sign Simon Gagne? It would be pretty logical and a deal that quite a few fans would be happy with. Why not sign Gagne for another year for cheap just so he can stay? He’s already going to be a third line guy and Gagne doesn’t have that many years left in his career, so they don’t have that much to lose.

However, Holmgren has already punched that thought in the face, when he said the team has already closed the door on Gagne and are looking to give a roster spot to one of the incoming rookies. Unless Gagne is planning on retiring right now, it kind of puts him in a tough situation, because he wants to stay in Philly, but Holmgren has no desire to keep him.

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