How Much Pressure Is Tyler Seguin Under In First Season With Dallas Stars?

By Randy Holt
Tyler Seguin
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars made perhaps the largest move of the offseason in terms of acquiring a player with star potential. If the Tyler Seguin deal works out as many predict that it will, it’ll be a major coup for an organization that is clearly on the upswing. And he’s right in the middle of it.

In terms of his expectations for the 2013-14 season, a year that will see him return to his natural spot in the middle, what is the expectation? More specifically, what type of pressure is Seguin under to become a star in his first campaign with the Dallas Stars this season?

Seguin didn’t realize his massive potential while he was a member of the Boston Bruins. There are multiple reasons for that. He wasn’t afforded an opportunity to spend much time at his natural spot in the middle, instead logging most of his minutes out on the wing. He was subject to a much larger spotlight as well. Both definitely contributed to his stalled progress.

Heading into his first season with the Stars, Seguin appears ready to take advantage of the fresh start. He’s playing in a much quieter market as well, which should prove beneficial for him. However, if Seguin fails to live up to the hype after one year with the Stars, will fans turn on him?

The first thing is the fact that it’s tough to see Seguin having a down year. He’s moving to a smaller market, is moving to his natural spot in the middle, will be playing next to one of the premier wingers in the league, in Jamie Benn, and perhaps even another offensive weapon in Valeri Nichushkin.

If he does, though, it’s unlikely that we’d see Dallas fans turn on him. That’s one of the benefits of playing in a small market. Is he under pressure to perform? Yes, because of his billing as a top prospect and his potential linemates. But it’d be unreasonable to expect him to have an 80-point explosion in his first season with a new team.

Doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen, though.

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