Boston Bruins: Jarome Iginla A Better Fit Than He Was In Pittsburgh

By Randy Holt
Jarome Iginla
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins made one of the more intriguing moves of the summer, in signing aging veteran Jarome Iginla to a one-year contract, as he chases what he hopes is his first Stanley Cup title in his storied 16-year career. The signing sparked intrigue on a couple of different levels.

The main there is the fact that he signed with the team that he apparently spurned at the trade deadline. After the Bruins appeared to have a deal worked out with Calgary, with an announcement from writers aplenty, the tune changed and Iginla instead became a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Things didn’t work out as he had hoped. In the regular season, Iginla was a fantastic addition for a Pens team that once again came into the postseason as a playoff contender. In the playoffs, though, he flashed his age, and just looked slow throughout the playoffs.

Iginla has always been a power forward, through and through. The Bruins are a team much less predicated on speed than the Penguins are. With their willingness to play that physical style, while still finding the back of the net, Iginla seems like a natural fit.

Not to mention the fact that he’s had an entire summer to adjust to his new surroundings and his new teammates, in addition to training camp and now the preseason. That fact alone should bode well for Iginla heading into his first year in Boston.

There’s no doubt that Jarome Iginla is not the player he once was. He’s no longer among the ranks of the league’s elite. But he’s still a highly effective player, and playing with a Bruins team that plays a similar style of game as he has throughout his career should pay major dividends for both sides, even if he’s not going to put up 70 or 80 points this year.

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