How Will Jakub Voracek's Injury Impact Philadelphia Flyers?

By Deanna Vasso
Jakub Voracek leaves preseason game with upper body injury
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Things were really looking up for the Philadelphia Flyers as they headed into Tuesday night’s game against the New Jersey Devils. Team captain Claude Giroux was finally back in the lineup, and the Ginger Line started the game off, but fate had different plans for the team.

Since the Devils got an early lead in the first period, the Flyers were anxious and desperate to tie up the game. In the second period, Jakub Voracek might have been fighting a bit too hard to get to the net. As he was trying to go to the net on a breakaway, Devils’ Bryce Salvador was called for a hooking penalty. The problem wasn’t just that it was a hook, but that it was a hook on a breakaway and Voracek had gotten rammed into the goalpost. Due to this he was awarded a penalty shot, which he took, but missed.

Although, as a fan, it’s disappointing to see a penalty shot go missed, it was fairly obvious that Voracek was not himself on the shot. He winced afterwards. While on the bench, he was holding his left side and talking to the team’s assistant trainer. Voracek tried to tough it out for one more shift, but he ended up going down the tunnel during the second period and never returned to the game.

It was looking bad for the winger, especially when the team announced during the third period that he had suffered an upper body injury and would not return. The lexicon in hockey for injuries is always weird, because an “upper body injury” could mean anything from a torn torso muscle to a grueling concussion. As for Voracek’s injury, it’s unlikely that he has a concussion, just from his mannerisms on the ice. He was holding his side and wincing, which looks eerily familiar to Matt Read‘s rib injury from last season.

Hopefully, Voracek’s injury is not a serious one and he’ll only sit out a few games. Let’s also hope his injury is not an omen for this season.

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