Are The Philadelphia Flyers Already In Trouble?

By Deanna Vasso
Flyers need to get it together
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a well known fact that in Philadelphia, when it comes to sports, we tend to panic.

Perhaps it’s because we live in a city that is so hardcore about sports teams, but just sees failure every time. The Philadelphia Phillies don’t even get a pass even though they are the team in this city to most recently win a championship. So are fans overreacting over the Philadelphia Flyers‘ preseason record?

Perhaps. Yes, it’s true that the preseason really doesn’t matter. The games they play are more like dress rehearsals, and it won’t count against their record, but it’s also a glimpse inside the team’s season. If the Flyers lose to the Washington Capitals tonight, it will force their poor preseason record to 1-5-1. Even if it’s preseason, that is not a good record to be looking at when a team is about to open their regular season.

So although, we can say, “Oh it’s just preseason, it doesn’t matter,” it is a bit of a glimpse into the Flyers’ future. And their future is a bit bleak.

The Flyers definitely have their moments, and maybe the team isn’t exactly ready to play yet, but they can’t make that excuse or the injury excuse all season long. They need to do something drastic, like actually play hockey well, because right now they just are not finding each other on the ice.

With all that in mind, the regular season is 82 games, and not seven. Even so, the Flyers have to get it together and quick.

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