Andrew Ference The Right Choice As Captain Of Edmonton Oilers

By Randy Holt
Andrew Ference
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The next captain of the Edmonton Oilers has been a topic of some debate over the last several weeks of the offseason. At one point, it looked like Sam Gagner could be the favorite, but names such as Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle also remained in the mix.

Rather than go with one of the younger players who was already in house, the Oilers chose to go with a new face, but a veteran all the same in Andrew Ference. While having a new player as the next captain is a bit of a surprise, it really shouldn’t come as all that great of a shocker.

Ference signed a pretty lucrative deal with the Oilers earlier this offseason, more than a player of his particular skill set probably deserved. But given the market, and the Oilers’ dire need for help on the blue line, it was the type of money you probably could have expected.

Regardless of the contract, Ference is a perfect fit with Edmonton, which is why the signing was done so quickly after free agency began. Not only does he bring that defensive mindset that they need, he’s a fantastic presence in the locker room, which is just what a young team needs.

That’s part of the reason the Oilers brought him in. He’s that veteran guy, who has won championships and been on teams that have made deep playoff runs. This club is largely inexperienced in that area. Which is why Ference makes perfect sense as the next captain of the Edmonton Oilers.

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