Did The Philadelphia Flyers Really Sign Another Aging Defenseman?

By Deanna Vasso
Flyers sign Hal Gil to 1-year contract
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

It’s actually, truly official, the Philadelphia Flyers are not going to re-sign veteran Simon Gagne. It was pretty obvious that the team had no interest signing Gagne after the Dan Cleary fiasco, but the Flyers made it completely official on Tuesday when the club announced that they had signed veteran defenseman Hal Gil to a one-year deal.

Yes, rather than sign a guy who was hoping to retire with the team that drafted him, the Flyers opted for yet another aging defenseman. It does not seem like a good roster move, since not only is Gil 38 years old, but the Flyers decided that they needed just one more defenseman on their roster. With the amount of blueliner’s they have signed into the system this offseason, they must think the key to a successful defensive team is to just have a lot of them. This also the same team that has a lot of defensemen that are perpetually injured.

The upside to another questionable signing from general manager Paul Holmgren is that with this one at least is only for a year. Gil is an older player and as a defenseman, probably does not have too many playing years left in him. So, the Flyers were smart by only signing him to a one-year deal, even though this signing does not look too promising.

Those who don’t like this signing are crying, “What about Gagne?” And here’s the thing, as much as we would love Gagne to be back and it would have been the right thing the Flyers should have done, it all comes down to money. The thing that the Flyers never have because they spend too much of it on signing huge deals. The Flyers saw where they were in the cap and realized signing Gil would be much cheaper than re-signing Gagne.

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