Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy Fined $10K for Opening Night Tirade

By Casey Drottar
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the NHL, Patrick Roy. The former Colorado Avalanche goalie, and now the team’s current head coach, made a fiery coaching debut last night.

The Avalanche took on the Anaheim Ducks, soundly defeating them 6-1. Unfortunately, the story of the night wasn’t the Avs, coming off a last place season, trouncing a consistent postseason contender. No, instead it was Roy turning the game into a WWE event.

With just seconds left in regulation, a scrum broke out in front of the Colorado bench. Both teams had sent their enforcer lines to the ice with just six seconds remaining. Trouble kicked off as soon as the puck dropped for the faceoff. Roy went into a tirade, cursing out various players on the Ducks bench, including Corey Perry. Eventually he made his way to the glass partition between the two benches, where he then began screaming at Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau. Before anyone could react, Roy was shoving the glass barrier towards Boudreau.

Roy was given a game misconduct at the end of the night, but today he received even more discipline. It was announced that the league has thrown a $10,000 fine his way, in attempts to ensure Roy received the message that his actions are hardly encouraged.

Those who saw Roy play know this lack of temper is not a revelation. As a member of the Montreal Canadiens, he stormed off the ice and demanded a trade after the team suffered an 11-1 loss at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. Ironic, as it may be, since Detroit later played a role in another one of Roy’s famous moments, a goalie brawl between him and Mike Vernon in 1997.

The recent fine will be a quick reminder to Roy that coaches aren’t supposed to join in the ruckus. One thing’s for sure; expect the next game between Colorado and Anaheim to have a little extra bite to it.

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