Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara Looked Like Best Offensive Player

By Tony Tranghese


“Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports”

Zdeno Chara looked like the Boston Bruins‘ best offensive player last night. Chara had multiple scoring opportunities that involved him going one-on-one with the goalie last night, and it got me thinking. Could Zdeno Chara actually be the Bruins’ best offensive player? He may not be the most skilled, he may not have the best hands, and his goal scoring touch is okay at best, but if you’re the opposing team, how do you stop the big guy when he gets rolling? If you’re the goalie, what is going through your head as Chara’s big frame is picking up speed and coming towards you? Chara certainly gives teams something to think about.

When the Bruins played the Detroit Red Wings, Chara was caught down low on numerous occasion often playing on the end wall. Now it is tough to tell if that was by design, because the Bruins do such a good job at having their defensemen pinch as well rotate with the forwards through out the course of the play. It’s part of the reason the Bruins’ forecheck is impressive and so effective. Chara definitely adds another element to the Bruins’ power play when this happens. Now that they have a sharpshooter like Torey Krug on the point and they don’t have to rely on David Krejci and his cannon of a one-timer back there, it should open the ice up for other guys. Can you imagine Milan Lucic and Chara down low with Johnny Boychuk and Krug manning the points? Good luck seeing anything if you are the goalie.

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