New Jersey Devils: Martin Brodeur's Shootout Routine Has Been Figured Out

By Nick Villano
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

A lot happened in the New Jersey Devils‘ 5-4 shootout loss to the Edmonton Oilers, but one thing stood out more than anything else.

Martin Brodeur was once considered one of the best shootout goalies in the game. He knew how to get in the shooter’s head, and his quick glove made him a brick wall in the one-on-one competition. That is no more.

Brodeur allowed two goals on two shots in the shootout on Monday night. Both goals were scored the same exact way. The Oilers’ shooters looked as if they knew their shots were going in. That isn’t something you would expect from quite possibly the greatest goaltender of all time.

There were many things that were wrong with this game. Brodeur and the defense fell apart during a roughly eight-minute span in the third period that turned a 3-0 lead into a 4-3 deficit. The defense needs work, and Brodeur is obviously having a rough start to the season.

The special move Brodeur uses on the shootout is the slight wave of the glove makes the shooter fixate on it, which is his strength. They shoot for his left corner and he snares it every time. Now it seems that the shooter faking towards his left then shooting to his right gets Brodeur flailing. If it gets lifted correctly, it goes in every time.

From 2005-06 season to the 2007-08 season, Brodeur was in the top three in wins. He never had a losing record in shootouts until last year, when he went 0-4. He was absolutely dominant last season. Just one season before, he was one of the best shootout goalie in the league. Is this a product of so much tape being out on Brodeur? Is he just not as quick on his feet as he once was?

The shootout was once a way for the Devils to get extra points. Last season, it was one of the reasons the season went south. If the Devils want this season to go better, then they need to figure this out. Cory Schneider has been very good in the shootout prior to this season. When it comes to Brodeur, you could look at the fact that he held the New York Islanders to 1-6.

It may be time for him to display a new move just to throw off the competition. It would be best for himself and the team to try to throw off the other team.

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