Something still seems wrong about the Philadelphia Flyers firing Peter Laviolette

By Tony Tranghese
“Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports”

The firing of Peter Laviolette is puzzling to say the least. It makes the organization looks ridiculous. The Philadelphia Flyers are three games into the season. What was the point of bringing him back? Why not just fire him at the end of last season?

The real blame here should go to the GM and the higher ups for the Flyers. They signed Illya Bryzgalov long term and then just out right released him. Then, they went and signed Ray Emery. Did the Flyers really think Emery was going to be the answer? Sure, he had a great year last year. He was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. They actually play defense. Anyone would have looked good back there, and that’s including a 16-year-old high school goalie.

Now, if you want to blame the Flyers’ record on poor defense and a lack of support for the goaltender, that’s fine. The thing is the Flyers went out of their way to pay Bryzgalov a ton of money never to play for them again. That makes it look as if it wasn’t Laviolette’s fault, but solely the responsibility of Bryzgalov.

I don’t understand how the Flyers didn’t see that. The Flyers also have an incredibly talented offensive team. Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell should be the leaders for that club and should have put an end to a lot of the a Flyers’ problems awhile ago. The firing was probably a statement to the players; unfortunately it saw the termination of Laviolette.

The real question is whether or not anybody can really turn that team around.

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