Boston Bruins Coach Claude Julien has Been “Solidifying the Glass” in Preperation for Patrick Roy, Colorado Avalanche

By Casey Drottar

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

New Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy took all but one game to stir up a reputation for himself. In his first game as coach, a blowout win over the Anaheim Ducks, Roy found himself in hot water after blowing up at Ducks’ forward Corey Perry and, eventually, coach Bruce Boudreau. The argument became so intense that Roy shoved the glass between the benches so hard it was actually dislodged. As a result, Roy was fined $10,000 as a way to inform him that coaches aren’t exactly supposed to act that way in the NHL.

With the Avs coming visiting the Boston Bruins tonight, the home team has taken measures to prepare for any future outbursts from the fiery coach.

“I’ve spent the last couple of days solidifying the glass between the benches,” Bruins coach Claude Julien told reporters, clearly in jest of the event. Julien isn’t exactly known for lashing out at opposing coaches, but apparently a visit from Roy requires certain precautions.

For what its worth, Roy took the joke in stride, offering nothing but compliments towards Julien.

“I don’t expect any problems with Claude Julien, to be honest with you,” Roy said. “I have so much respect for him. He’s a great coach. When you’re in the finals of the Stanley Cup two years of the last three, he certainly deserves a lot of credit and respect.”

“I respect that and I’m happy to see him be so successful here in Boston.”

Astoundingly enough, both teams come into tonight’s contest undefeated. It isn’t as surprising for Boston. They were expected to contend for the Stanley Cup once again this season. The Avalanche, however, were at the bottom of the standings at the end of last season, and weren’t exactly pegged to make much noise this year as they continue to rebuild, especially with their latest number one draft pick Nathan MacKinnon.

Be that as it may, Colorado heads into Boston expecting to continue their surprising winning streak. Regardless of how the team was predicted to perform, the Bruins have to take any undefeated team seriously, especially one with as much youthful talent as the Avalanche. Not to mention, with Roy having spent a large portion of his career with Boston’s arch rival, the Montreal Canadiens, he might be bringing an extra fire to tonight’s bout.

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