New York Rangers Head Coach Alain Vigneault Needs To Change His Strategy Fast

By Steven Carollo
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When the New York Rangers hired Alain Vigneault over the summer, many were excited on what he was going to bring to the table. This was a more up-tempo offensive system and was supposed to lead to more goals than under former head coach John Tortorella‘s system.

Throughout the preseason and first three games of the regular season, this has not been the case. The Rangers are scoring around the same exact amount as they did with Tortorella. Now that they are not playing conservative and blocking shots, they are giving up more goals and getting blown out.

One specific thing I remember Vigneault saying, back when the Rangers first hired him, was that he adapts to his players and is not stubborn in sticking to one offensive strategy. Well, if Vigneault wants to keep his job then that is exactly what he has to do because this offensive system is just not working.

The Rangers simply do not have the offensive talent from their forwards and defensemen to carry out that type of system. Vigneault has to realize this quick and adapt to his defensive minded players as soon as humanely possible. This team can only succeed if they play defense and when your strategy exposes your only strength then you will have major problems, which is what the Rangers have right now.

I know Rangers fans were excited and actually thought we would see some offense this year, but that sadly is not going to happen. GM Glen Sather has put Vigneault in a bad spot where he has to work overtime to deviate from his offense in order to figure out a way to make this team win games. If he doesn’t, then Vigneault might find himself looking for a new job as early as November or December.

Is it fair?

No, but that is what happens when you’re employed by a team with incompetency in the front office and players with overrated talent and no scoring ability.

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