Is It Time To Panic Yet For The New York Rangers?

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Rangers vs. Ducks
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

They have a new coach. They have a new system. Those are the two excuses I keep hearing when people are talking about the New York Rangers‘ abysmal start. The fans are starting to panic.

While I think it is a little too early to panic it is getting real close to that point. Fifteen goals in two games is atrocious. Add the fact that the team doesn’t even look like it’s trying and the fans are obviously going to be worried. But you have to remember some things. First off both Carl Hagelin and Rick Nash are out. These are both top six forwards who are missing extended periods of time. Second off the Rangers’ players no how to defend. They have done it over the past five seasons. Once they get comfortable with a new way of defending, they should be fine.

Now there is a reason for people to be very worried. First off, Joe Michelleti said Alain Vigneault plays more of a man-to-man style of defense rather than a zone. This could be real bad for the Rangers. Through the first couple of games you see why man-to-man defense is not good for them. They aren’t a quick team. Sure they have Hagelin one of the fastest players in the NHL, but as a team their speed is not the best. They traded away arguably one of the other fastest players in the NHL in Marian Gaborik last season. Also getting off to such a bad start could absolutely kill a team’s confidence for the rest of the ear.

Am I confident the Rangers are going to get it turned around? Usually I would say yes in a heartbeat. So far, the Rangers have given me very little to be optimistic about. But am I ready to say fire the coach and trade everyone? No, and neither should anyone else. Patience my friends … at least until Thanksgiving.

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