Philadelphia Flyers' Offense Once Again Anemic In Loss To Phoenix Coyotes

By Ryan Wenzell
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Different game same result. The Philadelphia Flyers‘ offense was once again woeful in a 2-1 loss to the Phoenix Coyotes. It has just been a train wreck for this offense from the top line on down.

The change in head coaches clearly hasn’t made a difference in the Flyers’ play. Even in their lone win they looked lethargic much of the night and got heavily outplayed in a game that Steve Mason stole for the Flyers. Mason was once again solid on Friday. He made 29 saves on the night and frankly has been the lone standout on the Flyers this season.

Claude Giroux has simply been a ghost. He is the team’s star player, the captain, and the engine that gets this thing going, and to be blunt he has been none of that this season. Have we overrated Giroux in Philly? Are issues from an offseason wrist injury still lingering? Who knows. What is apparent is he needs to snap out of this funk quick before the Flyers season turns into a lost cause.

The Coyotes should have been the tired bunch. They came off playing a game just last night and the Flyers had two full days of rest. Instead it was the Flyers who looked lifeless for much of the 60 minutes.

The Flyers may need to go outside the organization for help. It is clear they desperately need a sniper, someone with an eye for goal to pair with Giroux. They should use their defensive depth to go out and trade for that scorer. Someone like Thomas Vanek who is said to be on the trade block would be a perfect fit to pair with a playmaker like Giroux.

Something needs to be done. A coaching change and constant juggling of the lineup hasn’t worked. Next to go, as Ed Snider said, will be some of the players who are the culprits for the lackadaisical play on the ice.

The Flyers need to snap out of this and fast, because another game awaits tomorrow. If they don’t wake up from this nightmare soon the season will be lost for good.

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