What Is Wrong With The New York Rangers?

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Rangers vs. Ducks 2
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers look like a hockey team that has never played a game with each other. They have no concept of defense or have any chemistry on the ice.

Everyone expected the Rangers to struggle in the early parts of the season. They are missing a top-six forward in Carl HagelinRick Nash is out now with a head injury, and Derek Stepan is still getting into game shape after a long contract dispute. But what has happened so far in the first four games is just embarrassing. The Rangers are playing with no pride or heart.

Those two things are qualities that a Rangers team never lacked under John Tortorella. The players pushed him out because he was too fiery and too demanding. They wanted a more calming voice. Enter Alain Vigneault. Now the team is reflecting their coach’s personality. They are soft. Henrik Lundqvist has been run more in the first four games than I have seen since he became a Rangers. The team has no grit, no name, no fire. They lost it all. They are a slow team too. Now a slow team with no fire is just a recipe for disaster. Glen Sather, I hope you’ve been watching the first few games because you are going to have to make some moves at some point during the season. Should you panic yet? No. But you might want to start thinking about some moves to make to improve this club.

Like I said, the Rangers have lost their way. They have no grit and have lost all the pride they take in wearing the blue and red sweaters. Wake up boys, before it’s too late.

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