Boston Bruins: Loui Eriksson Off To Quiet Start With New Team

By Randy Holt
Loui Eriksson
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins made one of the larger trades, perhaps the biggest, of the 2013 offseason, in moving out high profile forward Tyler Seguin, amid all of the controversy and supposed issues with his maturity, in a deal that brought back primarily forward Loui Eriksson.

While trading a player with the upside of Seguin is certainly a risk, the Bruins hoped that acquiring a player like Eriksson, a veteran forward, would pay immediate dividends. Often considered one of the more underrated forwards in the game, Eriksson finally had a chance to succeed on a more national level.

Through three games, however, the Bruins have yet to see any sort of return from Eriksson. While Seguin already appears to be thriving in Dallas, it’s been a very slow start for Eriksson in the first trio of contests for the Bruins. Through those three games, he has yet to notch a point.

Not that the Bruins have necessarily needed him to come up with big points through three games. They’ve won two of their first three games. Eriksson has played a part in that, with his defensive play from the forward position being one of his greater assets. It just doesn’t exactly show up in the box score.

There is going to be an adjustment period. Eriksson is going from a club where he had to do a lot of the heavy lifting on offense, to a team where he has a fantastic group of forwards around him in the top six. That’s in addition to the main adjustment to his new teammates/linemates. It’s going to take a bit of time.

At the end of the day, three games hardly defines a player and whether or not he’ll be a fit with the team. Eriksson was looked at as the perfect fit for this Bruins team, and an offensive weapon for them to trot out. He’ll see a regression of some sort on the stat sheet from his days in Dallas, but expect him to find his footing soon.

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