Boston Bruins' Tuukka Rask Worth Big Contract

By Tony Tranghese
“Russell LaBounty- USA TODAY Sports”

Well, Tuukka Rask is at it again. With a goals against average under two and the ability to keep the Boston Bruins in games, it looks as if the contract extension was well worth it for the Bruins. While an entire city wondered if the money and the years were worth it, I think so far we can throw down a definitive yes. Not to mention, who else is out there for quality goalies?

Good goaltenders aren’t just floating around. Ask the Philadelphia Flyers. They have still yet to find a franchise goalie. So, when you finally do find one, you keep them. So far this year, Rask has looked healthy, flexible and, most importantly, positionally sound. While the Bruins back up goaltenders have some question marks surrounding them, it shouldn’t be an issue as long as Rask can stay healthy.  He should have been able to put any doubt to rest Bruins fans may have had regarding letting Tim Thomas walk away. While Thomas enjoyed a year off, he has come back to lower-body injuries and is playing for a team that is far less superior than the Bruins.

The Bruins should be just fine this year. It will be nice to see a big contract pay off in Boston for a change after the Boston Red Sox debacle two years ago and the start to Danny Amendola‘s career in New England. It almost makes you wonder if all of these guys are expendable. I can tell you so far this year, Rask is far from expendable.

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