Philadelphia Flyers Try to Right the Ship at Home vs. Vancouver Canucks

By Deanna Vasso
Flyers host canucks
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers are still struggling along this season as they head back home to play against the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night. The team is traveling back home from Detroit with a poor 1-5-0 record, so things have clearly not been going as planned.

The Flyers haven’t played the Canucks in a very long time since last season was shortened due to the lockout, but that it no excuse they should use as of why they are doing so badly right now. They especially can’t use this excuse when they consider that they haven’t played the Canucks since October of 2011. The Canucks aren’t doing that great either, but their 3-3-0 record looks a lot more positive than the Flyers’ current mark.

In order for the Flyers to bang out another win, they really need to turn up the offense. Lately, it’s been pretty nonexistent, and in addition to a weak and perpetually injured blue line, the odds are not in the Flyers’ favor. The shining light for the team is that at least Steve Mason looks like he’s improving in the net. Although, since he’s the goalie the losses fall onto his shoulders most games.

One of the other things the team needs to work on, other than their soft defense, is their penalty minutes. The Flyers have a lack of discipline that is hurting their chances of a victory because they take too many penalties and allow their opponents to get ample man advantages. The can’t be playing the whole game on the penalty kill and expect to still win.

Luckily, the NHL season is pretty long, so the Flyers do have time to work out the kinks in their on ice game. Let’s hope it starts on Tuesday.

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