New York Rangers Waiving Aaron Asham Over Derek Dorsett Makes Zero Sense

By Steven Carollo
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Early Monday, the New York Rangers announced that they have put forward Aaron Asham on waivers, just one day after I said I think the Rangers should start him because he is an effective enforcer than can occasionally put the puck in the net and make an impact unlike Derek Dorsett.

Simply outstanding.

The Rangers organization never ceases to amaze me with their questionable and poor decisions that lead me to wonder how GM Glen Sather still has a job.  Oh yeah, it is because owner James Dolan entrusts him with everything since he knows absolutely nothing about the sport of hockey.

Asham is a fourth line forward just like Dorsett, but unlike Dorsett he takes fewer dumb penalties and actually contributes some offense once in a while.  The highest single season point total Asham has put up in his career is 34, while Dorsett’s highest output is 20.  Even with points aside, Asham has a very underrated wrist shot and has the ability to make some good passes to set up scoring chances and goals.  Dorsett, on the other hand, has shown completely nothing since being a Ranger other than taking an abundance of penalties each game and the ability to get creamed in fights.

Why should Dorsett play over Asham?

Some people have told me that it is for salary cap reasons because a trade is on the horizon.  Fair enough, but I was not going to let the Rangers get off that easily. I then checked both Dorsett and Asham’s current cap hit this season in order to see who makes more, and guess what I found out?  According to, Asham makes $1 million even, while Dorsett makes $1.63 million.

So what you are telling is that the Rangers wanted to free up cap space so they waived the more effective enforcer because he makes less money than the team’s starting fourth line enforcer who contributes less to the team?

Yeah okay.  Makes zero sense.

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