Why Is New Jersey Devils' Goal Song Such A Hot Topic?

By Nick Villano
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils have given the fans a chance to be a part of the team’s tradition for years to come.

After years in which Rock and Roll Part II was their goal scoring song, new management felt it necessary to change it based on the vulgar nature of how the fans reacted to it.  After the song screams “Hey!” every fan in the arena screams “You Suck!”  While this isn’t the most ideal thing for a parent and their child, this is something that is going to be seen at sporting events.  People are going to curse, they are going to be drunk, and they are going to fight.  Why are you going to take away a tradition that made the Prudential Center one of the most rocking arenas in the league?

Maybe it was the ending that irked the new ownership group.  That part was not one of my favorites either, although for a different reason.  I always felt that screaming for the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers to do things was dumb, especially since it was yelled when the Devils weren’t even playing them.  It seemed like they had a complex about them when the Devils have been clearly better than both teams since coming into the league.

At least the new owners will let the fans pick the new song.  Sports fans seem to be used to having a good time forced upon them.  Although it may be petty, this is the best case scenario for both sides.  The fan base will miss the old goal song, but they have a chance to make one their very own.  The choice is yours, Devils fans.

So for the next home game, which seems like it has been forever since there was one, scream at the top of your lungs.  Learn to love the new song as you appreciate the old.  Don’t let a song define this fan base; let the fans do that.

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