Boston Bruins Struggle Against Fast Young Teams

By Tony Tranghese
“Michael Ivins -USA TODAY Sports”

The Boston Bruins have struggled against fast young teams this year. They lost to the Colorado Avalanche and they had a hard time beating the Columbus Blue Jackets. Should Bruins fans worry about this? The easy answer here is absolutely not. Teams like the Avalanche and the Blue Jackets are gunning for the top dog. They come into games against the Bruins looking to establish themselves and gain some respect among the league … so far so good. Both teams have been able to sit back and play a counter-attack style of game that keeps the Bruins skating end to end instead of playing with five guys behind the puck. The Bruins are excellent on the counter themselves so it makes for quite a fun game to watch.

There is also something else to pay attention to. They also are only playing one game at a time. I look at be Bruins and I notice something incredibly important. They are built for a seven-game series. They are built for the playoffs. I would worry if I thought teams like the Avalanche could keep up the intensity, and speed, with out making mental mistakes that the Bruins will make you pay for over and over again. They are physical, they will wear you down, and they have a goaltender who can keep them in the game no matter how slow of a start they have.

Now in a seven-game series … the Detroit Redwings make me a little nervous. They are deep, they have experience and they are disciplined. The east is going to be very interesting come play off time.

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