How Does Tyler Seguin Compare To Boston Bruins' Loui Eriksson?

By Tony Tranghese
Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Seguin has more points than Loui Eriksson. I knew this was going to happen — let the comparisons start to rain down.

If the Boston Bruins only cared about points, they would not have traded Seguin in the first place. The Bruins care more about two-way hockey players who are going to backcheck and get dirty in front of the net, neither of which Seguin was ever famous for in Boston.

If Seguin puts up 30 goals this year, everyone is going to cry and say that the Bruins should have kept him regardless of what Eriksson does. That’s the problem with the casual fan and the fans who don’t really watch hockey or appreciate Eriksson’s game.

Fans also need to keep in mind that the systems are completely different in Boston and Dallas. The Dallas Stars pretty much let Seguin do whatever he wants. They need point production and to put fans in the seats. The Bruins don’t have that problem. Seguin also started off as a center for the Stars and is now back out on the wing, where the Bruins had been playing him.

So far, Seguin’s career for the Stars has pretty much mirrored what he had been doing in Boston but by all means, please let the comparisons rain down.

Fans went crazy when the Bruins traded Phil Kessell and I don’t think there is one person in Boston that regrets that trade now. Winning the Stanley Cup pretty much put any of that chatter to rest.

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