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5 Reasons the Boston Bruins Power Play is Atrocious

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5 Reasons the Boston Bruins Power Play is Atrocious

Bob Dichara- USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins Power play is atrocious. I was at an under-16 youth tournament this weekend with some of the best teams in the country and everyone one of them ran a better power play than the Bruins. The Bruins have a number of problems and it is not going to be fixed over night. It may not even be fixed by the All-Star break, but lets be real; it needs to be fixed and things needs to start happening yesterday to fix it.

This power play has had issues for the past three years and no matter who they plug into it, they just cannot seem to get points on the board. For a team that is so good even strength and short handed its absolutely mind blowing that a team can be this terrible on the power play. It’s like trying to watch the Bruins play in the early two thousands. I watched it because I loved them but it was heartbreaking to say the least and that was when they had no expectations what so ever.

It’s not just that the Bruins aren’t putting up points, it’s that the Bruins can’t even move the puck making it resemble a power play. There has to be a better solution or a player sitting on the bench that can help make this an average power play at best for a team that is considered elite. When you have players like Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic its time to look in the mirror and find a solution to a problem before it plagues you down the stretch or the playoffs.

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5. Jarome Iginla Isn't The Answer

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Jarome Iginla is not the answer to the power play. He looks to similar to Jamoir Jagr last year. A nice pass here or there and then shooting the puck into the goalies midsection or just missing the net completely.

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4. Zdeno Chara Just Needs to Fire the Puck

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Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot in the NHL right? So why is he hanging out down low? park him at the blue line and let him wind up.

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3. Milan Lucic Needs to Park His Big Body in Front of the Net

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Milan Lucic is a big dude. Get Zdeno Chara out of the front of the net and park Lucic there. He can hit pucks out of the corners and just be a pain to any opposing goalie in front.

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2. Johnny Boychuk Needs to Play the Point

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Who cares if Johnny Boychuk can move the puck. He can fire it. It's time to simplify the power play line Boychuk and Zdeno Chara up on the point and get out of the way.

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1. David Krejci Can't Play the Point

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David Krejci can't take a slap shot with out it fluttering to or over the net. So why is he playing the point? He's a play maker right? have him slide down the boards and make passes and plays. He doesn't get paid for weak slappers from the point.