Philadelphia Flyers Player Of The Week: Steve Mason

By Deanna Vasso
mason is player of the week
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers have had a rough opening this season and there looks like no end in sight, but there is one player on the team that has been pulling his weight.

Although the Flyers have a horrendous record of 1-7-0 and are the worst team in the whole Eastern Conference, at least their goaltender is bringing his all. Steve Mason has actually been doing well this season, and his confidence is up when he plays in net. Due to this, it looks more likely that the Flyers won’t use tandem goaltending, but instead give Mason the start.

This week, Mason has been proving why he needs to get the start, especially since the only game the team has won was when he was in the net. He looks good with his .923 save percentage and a low goals against average of 2.37, but he still has a lot of work to do. His 1-5-0 record is what is really hindering his success, but that is not entirely his fault.

This week, when the rest of the team was sluggish and not going to their opponent’s net, Mason looked liked the only player on the team that even showed up for the games. You can have a great goaltender, but sometimes those sloppy goals make it in the net and even the greatest goaltender can not stop it. This is why there is a defense, but the Flyers blueline has not been there to back up Mason, so these losses seem to fall unfairly on his shoulders.

Even though the Flyers have played horrendous this week, Mason is the player of the week, since he’s the only player that looks like he even cares.

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