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Studs And Duds So Far For New York Rangers This 2013-14 Season

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Studs And Duds So Far For The New York Rangers This 2013-14 Season

Studs And Duds So Far For The New York Rangers This 2013-14 Season
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A stud in my book is a player who shines or excels, sometimes beyond expectations, and does all the things asked of him to help his team win games.

A dud is well ... the complete opposite. Any player who flounders and does not live up to his expectations and does very little, or even nothing, to help his team win games.

While the 2013-14 NHL season has barely just begun, the New York Rangers have at least three studs and two duds that I feel I have to mention.

Why do I have to mention these players you ask?

Well, I always say that good work should always be rewarded while bad work must be ridiculed. Call it honoring with a side of constructive criticism. No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement, and if you are bad, then you simply must improve in order to help your team win.

Yes, I know that by the time this gets published that the Rangers will have only played 6 games, and later tonight their 7th, but with the injury bug seeming to be of epidemic proportions in the Rangers locker room, these 3 studs have to keep up their great play while these 2 duds must improve their game if the Rangers want to weather the storm and succeed this season.

So without any further to do, I present to you the three studs and two duds of the New York Rangers so far in this early 2013-14 season. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any and all comments below.

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#3 Stud: Derek Stepan

Derek Stepan
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Derek Stepan has yet to record a goal this season, he is a center, and what is usually a center's main job? To be playmakers and rack up assists. Well so far, Stepan has recorded five assists through six games and is currently second on the team in points. Not too shabby for a guy who held out of training camp this offseason and still has to adjust to new coaching strategies.

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#2 Stud: Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This man, the leader, the captain, the heart and sole of the Rangers, Ryan Callahan, has only played in three games this season (due to offseason shoulder surgery and now recovering from a broken thumb) and has scored three goals and led by example on the ice as always. Hope your thumb heals up quick Cally because we need you. Pure guts and determination by the man all of us Rangers' fans are proud to call our captain.

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#1 Stud: Brad Richards

Brad Richards
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I am so happy for Brad Richards right now and I hope he can keep up this remarkable start for the entire season. Everyone, and I mean everyone, had his career dead and buried and thought he should have been bought out of his contract before the start of the year and as of right now he is the most valuable Ranger. Richards so far has tallied four goals and three assists through six games and is looking faster out there than ever before since he has been a member of the Rangers.

Hands down Brad Richards is the No. 1 stud for the Rangers thus far this 2013-14 season.

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#2 Dud: Taylor Pyatt

Taylor Pyatt
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

After a invisible season last year for Taylor Pyatt, surprise surprise, he is back to his phantom ways so far this season with his zero goals and zero assists and now because of Callahan's injury, new head coach Alain Vigneault announced that he is going to put Pyatt on the first line tonight against the New Jersey Devils.

What? Are you kidding me?

Look at Pyatt in the picture above. Even he has no clue what the heck is going on.

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#1 Dud: Michael Del Zotto

Michael Del Zotto
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Del Zotto over the past few years has been the butt of every joke, no pun intended (look at the picture above), because of his bad defensive coverage and poor awareness, which are two major skills every NHL player needs, especially if you are a defenseman like Del Zotto. But at least Del Zotto has offensive upside right?

This is true as Del Zotto has shown in years' past that he can rack up a good amount of goals and assists for a defenseman but now under Vigneault and his more offensive style of play, we were finally suppose to see "The Stud" formerly known as Michael Del Zotto.

Well Del Zotto has yet to record a single point in five games, meaning zero goals and zero assists obviously, and when he was out last game because of the flu, the Rangers played their best defensive game of the year and looked very in-sync without him. So what does that say?

Since it is still early in the year, I will cut Del Zotto a little slack but he might want to step up his game soon because with the Rangers suffering some key injuries to their forwards and with the team's abundance in defensemen, guess who would most likely be the odd man out?

Michael Del Zotto is the No. 1 dud for the Rangers thus far this 2013-14 season.

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