Boston Bruins Tuukka Rask is playing his way to a Vezina Trophy

By Tony Tranghese
“Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports”

Tuukka Rask is doing everything he’s supposed to. Rask is steady. He is doing everything he has to do this year to keep the Boston Bruins in games. His goals against average is ridiculous, and that is a good thing because the Bruins’ offense has looked anemic at points. In theory, Rask should be in the conversation for a Vezina Trophy at the end of the year.

However, lets pump the breaks. As well as he has played, the Bruins do risk the burn-out factor and they risk injury if they plan on using him so much. The Vezina Trophy conversation may be premature, but it certainly does not take away anything Rask has accomplished this year.

The thing about Rask is he has been playing positionally sound and making the saves that he needs to make. At times last year, Rask would make a stand on your head type of save and then let a fluke goal in. This year he hasn’t really had any moments where Bruins’ fans have cringed.

Rask is going to need a night off here and there; heading into some back-to-back games, look for Chad Johnson to fill-in. Johnson needs to take the Rask theory by watching his position and staying within his element. If Johnson can do that, the Bruins will be just fine navigating the rest of the season. If Johnson decides to head out on his own and try to become a hero, look for an inflated goals-against average and a lousy winning percentage. The Bruins are not built to put up five to six goals a night.

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