Chris Kreider Is Not The Answer For The New York Rangers

By Steven Carollo
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Rangers announced the other day that young forward Chris Kreider was called up, a lot of fans exploded with enthusiasm of how he is going to spark the team and now the Rangers will start winning games.  Then earlier today when it was announced that head coach Alain Vigneault is practicing Kreider on the Rangers’ top line, the tweets and Facebook posts came pouring in of how the team is finally going to score goals, shut down teams and everything will fall into place so the fans can forget all about this 2-5 start.

Very wishful thinking, but unfortunately there is very little logic to it.

While Kreider could spark some type of offense, it’s a double edged sword because his poor defensive skills could lead to goals for the opposition.  Also it is not like the only thing this team needs is another goal scorer.  The Rangers right now have so many flaws that one player is just not going to cut it, whether he performs well or not, which is why there is very little to no logic behind thinking Kreider is going to come in and the Rangers are all of a sudden going to go on a winning streak.

Defense has been the big issue, even goaltending, for the Rangers thus far, and unfortunately Kreider cannot do either.  Now I know Kreider is still young, only 22, and still learning, but his work ethic has been seriously called into question the past year or so. And since I am not a huge believer in people changing, I am not confident that Kreider is up to the task and will ultimately do the job.  I hope he proves me wrong, but regardless, even he is not the answer and will not be the savior for this Rangers team.

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