Jarome Iginla, Great for the Boston Bruins' System

By Tony Tranghese
“Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports”

Jarome Iginla is proving to be a well rounded two way player late in his career. Anyone who thought he was going to come and light up the score board At his age was crazy. Iginla could have more points on the power play but lets not get to greedy here. It’s a proven fact that the Boston Bruins‘ power play will forever be atrocious.

Iginla has already thrown down twice and has been seen doing the little things that makes him fit the Bruins’ mold. The Bruins are hard-nosed , solid defensively, and dig and grind on every play. Iginla has done that repeatedly so far in this season. It’s refreshing to see a star and a franchise player come to a team and put ego aside and fit into an organization the way Iginla is doing.

Bruins’ fans would clearly like more goals and more points, but what Iginla is offering makes them a better well-rounded team and puts them in a better spot to win a championship. The goals will come, the assists will happen, but most importantly the Bruins are wining games and Iginla is a big part of that. Iginla is leading by example, five on five and on the penalty kill. He has yet to coast to a puck and has kept his legs moving in every game so far.

I have been one of his toughest critics, but I am truly impressed at the little things he has done to make himself a part of the Bruins and the city of Boston.

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