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5 Things That Will Prevent Boston Bruins from Winning Stanley Cup

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5 Things Preventing a Stanley Cup

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The Boston Bruins are doing exactly what fans thought they were going to do so far, but can they sustain it? Are the Bruins going to go 100 percent all year? Or are they going to just coast through all leisurely and show up for the playoffs expecting to win? I am very much a glass half empty kind of guy, so as well as they are playing the Bruins still leave me with doubts and some serious concerns.

The city of Boston has watched the Boston Celtics do this for years, and let's be real -- it’s a little scary. The city of Boston is great, but we have come to expect our sports teams to make deep runs and perform throughout the entire season while doing it.

The Bruins are hitting the November and December schedule in full stride and have really only stumbled against faster, younger teams. We have seen the Bruins play enough hockey to start to ask some serious questions and to either raise or lower our expectations heading into the rest of the season.

The Bruins are going to start playing their backup goalie Chad Johnson and it will answer a lot of questions fans may have. The Bruins are built with four solid lines that play two-way hockey. They have a goalie in Tuukka Rask that should be in the Vezina Trophy conversation at the end of the year and the third and fourth lines could probably be a top one or two on most teams in the league. The Bruins have a lot of promise this year with just a few lingering questions and roadblocks that they are sure to face over the rest of the season.

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5. Chad Johnson is Going to Have to Play

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What are the expectations for Chad Johnson? He is going to have to play. Tuukka Rask is a work horse but expect Johnson to play in at least 15 games. Can Johnson provide the same one-two goaltending punch we became accustom to last year?

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4. The Detroit Red Wings are Now in the East

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The Detroit Red Wings are in the east and guess what? The Red Wings are built for a seven game series. The Boston Bruins have struggled against young fast teams but it won't be a problem come the playoffs. The Red Wings are experienced and very much know how to play in the playoffs.

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3. Overplaying Aging Veterans

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Do Zdeno Chara and Jarome Iginla have the legs to play close to 82 games and then an additional 20 in the playoffs? Can the coaches manage their minutes appropriately without giving up points in the standings?

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2. Do the Bruins Think They Can Coast Into the Playoffs?

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The Boston Bruins have been in this situation before. 82 games is a long season. Are they going to go 100 percent and play through every game or are they just going to lose interest and coast into the playoffs like so many Boston Celtics teams the city has become used to watching.

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1. Can the Boston Bruins Stay Healthy?

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Can the Boston Bruins stay healthy? Chris Kelly looks great so far this year. His legs are actually moving and he's skating hard to every puck. Can the Bruins maintain that all year? and do they have enough young depth in Providence to sustain it?