Tim Thomas: Injury-Prone Start for Florida Panthers

By Tony Tranghese
“Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports”

Tim Thomas may just want to hang them up. Thomas left last night’s game with approximately three minutes remaining against the Chicago Blackhawks due to a lower-body injury. Thomas had made just two starts previous to this game after coming back from a groin injury. The Florida Panthers were forced to go with their backup goalie to finish the game.

I will never discriminate against age but with Thomas getting older and his body getting older, he may need to make adjustments to his playing style. At some point, the body just can’t do what the mind wants it to do. Thomas as always played a flexible style of goaltending which often gives Boston Bruins fans panic attacks as he was swimming around the goal crease waving his arms and legs like a wet walrus just trying to stop the puck any way possible.

I have always ranted on how I prefer an appositionally sound goaltender to a guy who makes flashy saves but lets weak goals in. It’s like asking yourself if you prefer a running quarterback or a pocket passer. A pocket passer is steady Eddy but a running quarterback will get you out of your seats. Just remember that Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl and Colin Kaepernick pretty much abandoned the read option this year. It’s something to think about.

Now I don’t believe Thomas is done. He won’t let himself be done but I truly believe he is going to have to change his playing style if he wants to play longer in this league. You can’t just take a year off and think your going to splish-splash and make all these crazy saves for a weak team. He may want to take a page out of a standard butterfly goalies book and stay square to the puck and concentrate on angles and making the simple saves.


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