Buffalo Sabres' John Scott Has No Business Being In NHL

By Jared Smith
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres goon John Scott has given the people of the NHL even more of a reason to hate him after his cheap shot on Wednesday on Boston Bruins forward Loui Eriksson. There are so many things wrong with this play and player that he should not only be fined — kicking him out of the league should be under consideration. The Sabres’ head coach should be fired as well.

Scott has played 189 career games and has five career points. The goons of the 80s are no longer a part of the NHL and this guy needs to go. He may not be a repeat offender, but he is clearly dirty and has a reputation. He does nothing for the NHL, and a guy who is just out there to play three minutes and take runs at players has no place in this game anymore.

The “tough guys” of the NHL now need to have some kind of skill offensively, and Scott does not. This is the second time this year that Scott has gone after a star player on an opposing team, and it is getting absolutely ridiculous.

The coach needs to be held responsible as well given the situation that he put Scott out there in. The Sabres were down two goals midway through the third period and the game was not over by any means. But when you send out a guy who plays three minutes a night with five career points, you know what he is out there to do. Not only are the Sabres a joke this season with a 1-9-1 record, but sending out a player like Scott in that situation is enough for a coach to lose his job.

The best thing for the Sabres right now is that they do not play the Bruins until December, but don’t go thinking that the Bruins players are going to forget what happened. Mark December 19 on your calenders — that is when Buffalo comes to Boston for the first of back-to-back games between the two teams. The Bruins will make a point to not mess with them like they have in the past.

They are considered the toughest team in hockey for a reason and when teams like Buffalo, who has a roster filled with dirty players (including one of their captains in Steve Ott), takes a shot at a star player, the Bruins get even and they will make an example of the Sabres.

There are a lot of dirty players in the NHL: Maxim Lapierre, Matt Cooke, Raffi Torres — but all of them have some offensive skill and you can make a case for them to be in the league if they would just stop with the cheap shots. A player like John Scott does not deserve to be a professional athlete. He is a dirty player and for that, he should be kicked out of the league.

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